From Sioufi, the calm but conveniently accessible district of Ashrafieh, flawless combines residential and commercial real estate in one strategic location. The building is skillfully designed so that residential and commercial remain as two distinct entities, each with their own separate entrances and ample parking that includes additional spaces for visitors.

Residential apartments rise from ten floors above street level and upwards, ensuring breathtaking, exquisite views are combined with stylish living. Skillful design permeates the building, evident in the variety of options. Residents have the luxury of choosing from highly practical and compact 88m2 apartments, airy and well divided 154m2 homes, or larger spaces of 176m2, 242m2 and 330m2, including two stunning penthouses.

The commercial offering is equally diverse, including offices ranging in size from 59m2 to 416m2, and ground floor retail space with a mezzanine floor and storage depots.



Take your lifestyle dreams to the limit with a choice of two penthouses, each with private pool and generous outdoor living space. Everything you could desire for your ideal home is here, making you feel on top of the world. With their ingenious design, the penthouses exude a striking, contemporary aesthetic, creating light-filled space that feels simply breathtaking. Choose from:

-264 m2 saleable area including 88 m2 outdoor
-403 m2 saleable area including 88 m2 outdoor


Start your new life at flawless, knowing that your individual needs and lifestyle requirements have already been met. The choice is yours as you take your pick from residential apartments in a range of sizes to meet diverse demands. Design expertise is brought to the fore on the interior, with skillful partitioning maximizing that glorious feeling of space and wellbeing.


Pool – Gym – Playground – SPA – Parking – Sioufi Public Garden